Scan to email or save as PDF

Scan to email or save as PDF. Scan paper documents and save them as PDF files, or attach to an email using your Windows mail software.

Scan to email or save as PDF with Scan2Email
  • Email paper documents from your scanner using your Windows PC and existing mail software
  • Scan directly to PDF and save on your PC
  • Scan multiple pages to a single multi-page PDF, with or without a sheet feeder
  • Password-protect your PDF file for enhanced security

The problem…

How do you quickly and easily scan paper documents as PDFs and then save or email them? Scanners usually come with their own software, but they can be cumbersome and difficult to use. As a result, users often end up producing large graphic files which cannot easily be viewed or printed at the other end, and don’t handle multi page documents.

The solution…

Scan2Email is a Windows app that allows you to quickly and easily scan to email, or scan to PDF, and handle multi-page paper documents, with the option to view, save, or attach to an email using your existing email software in Windows. All this is achieved with the press of a button! The size of a typical Scan2Email document is only about 50KB. The recipient can simply open the PDF attached to the email, and display it in their default PDF viewer (e.g. web browser or Adobe Reader).

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